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Q:  How long do My Little Lunch Boxes stay fresh?

A:  We make all our lunch boxes fresh and avoid using chemical preservatives so they are designed to be stored in the fridge and eaten within 72 hours after delivery.

Q: Do I have to be home when My Little Lunch Boxes are delivered?

A:  It is best to select a delivery time when you will be home. We try to avoid using Ice packs because of their negative environmental impact. Our little boxes are transporting in cold storage from our fridges to your fridge so please pick a time when you know you will be home. 


Q: How do I schedule a delivery time?

A: We deliver on Monday and Wednesday depending your plans. You can pick a time slot for your delivery when completing your order.


Q:  What is your delivery schedule?

A:  We currently offer plans of 2 or 4 lunches per week.  We deliver on Monday with lunches for Tuesday and Wednesday then again on Wednesday with lunches for Thursday and Friday.  

Q:  What if I’m going to be out of town or don’t need a particular delivery?

A:  You can pause any delivery up to 2 week in advance by signing in and going to your account page. There is a 'pause' button that you need to activate. We prepare food orders up to 2 weeks prior to delivery so if you want to cancel or pause an order for a week please do so 2 weeks before the delivery.

My Little Lunch Box

100% natural, healthy and locally produced kid's lunch delivered to your door.

Starting at $9,99 / Box

Free Delivery. No commitments. Skip any week. 

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